Why JBoss does not provide the function that update itself automatically?

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I found it is inconvenient for the customers to search the patches and security advisories. I just want to know:
Is it possible that the JBoss provide  the function that update itself automatically?

Do you think this function is useful?


Hi Vicky


This is a good question and probably one we get asked a lot. There are a lot of reasons this can't and probably won't ever be done but I'll try and explain the main ones here.


 - Application Servers interact with whatever is deployed on them. Changing it automatically could have drastic affects on this.

 - One off patches are firstly not cumulative and secondly, are code changes that fix or change a very specific use case. In other words, you don't need to and nor should you, apply a patch where you are not seeing that very specific issue.

 - Security Advisories should be applied where that vulnerability is exposed. However, automatic updates again would not be a good idea as configuration changes or restarting of the server is normal. Any changes to be made to a JBoss Server should be tested first with your application.


I'd like to ask why are you searching for patches and advisories? What exactly are you, or your customers, searching for? 


Finally, if you have any questions on whether a patch fixes an issue you are seeing then please raise a support case with us and we'll look in to it. One off patches are not the first solution to problems and we will always see if there's a valid workaround before saying you should apply a patch.


I hope this answers your questions.