could not login to customer portal from my registered machine

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Obviously I am logged in but this is from another linux machine which is not the one I registered for support.  When I logged in from that machine, I got "Internal Server Error".  "The server experienced a problem which prevented your request from being filled out.  It may not be possible to execute this action at this time.  Please help us correct this problem by <link>contacting us with details of how you recieved this error."  Clicking on the link went to a document page. 

Since I was already logged on from one location, does it not allow multiple logins?  Or is there something with my setup it is hanging up on?


Yes, logging into the Customer Portal from multiple clients should not result in an error.


Was this a one-time instance or can you replicate it consistently?

Is it possible to attach a screenshot?



There's nothing preventing multiple logins. What part of the Customer Portal were you trying to access? What OS & browser were you using on the machine that received the error?



My browser was firefox, 10.0.10.  My RHEL is 2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64.  If I remember correctly, I had just clicked on "Red Hat Customer Portal" from file:///usr/share/doc/HTML/en-US/index.html.  That takes me to where I clicked on login.  I did that again this morning and it seems to let me login.  Maybe this was a one time occurence, it just happened to be the first time on my newly installed machine so I thought maybe I'd done some wrong.