Redhat 6.3 can not be booted up after iscsi boot with Intel 10G x520-DA2

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We have a IBM xserver 3650 inserted one Intel 10G x520-DA2 card.


And plan to iscsi boot from remote iSCSI disk volume.


Flash firware and enable iscsi boot:


[root@arcx3650ynagv Linux_x64]# ./bootutil64e -IV

Intel(R) Ethernet Flash Firmware Utility
BootUtil version
Copyright (C) 2003-2012 Intel Corporation

Image versions in BootIMG.FLB

    Combo Image Version Name 1.262.0

    Setup Option ROM               v2.7.128
    iSCSI Option ROM               v2.7.128
    FCoE Option ROM                v1.7.20
    Intel(R) Boot Agent FE         v4.2.07
    Intel(R) Boot Agent GE         v1.4.04
    Intel(R) Boot Agent XE         v2.2.08
    UEFI x64 PCI gigabit driver    v3.5.21
    UEFI x64 PCI-E gigabit driver  v5.3.09
    UEFI x64 10 gigabit driver     v3.4.12
    UEFI IA64 PCI gigabit driver   v3.5.21
    UEFI IA64 PCI-E gigabit driver v5.3.09
    UEFI IA64 10 gigabit driver    v3.4.12
    OCD Option ROM                 v0.8.00

Port Network Address Series  WOL Flash Firmware                    Version
==== =============== ======= === ================================= =======
  1   90E2BA1194B8   10GbE   N/A iSCSI Secondary                   2.7.128
  2   90E2BA1194B9   10GbE   N/A iSCSI Primary                     2.7.128
  3   00151720CB38   Gigabit YES FLASH Disabled
  4   00151720CB39   Gigabit N/A FLASH Disabled


And then set the iscsi boot from card bios:


find the remote volume disk could be recognized when installing redhat 6.3, and successfully installed os, but after intallation, it need to reboot os, find it can not be booted up.


Does anyone can help with this?.


Many thanks.


I'm afraid that it can not be booted up is far from an informative problem description.


What do you mean when you say it can not be booted up? Does the system hang after its POST? Is a boot loader loaded but reporting an error? Is a boot loader loaded successfully and can a boot option be selected but does the kernel report a panic due to not being able to find a storage volume? Does the kernel boot through but you're not presented with a login prompt? Does the kernel boot through and you get presented with a login prompt but the system is unresponsive at that point?


Allow me to recommend two resources that you may find helpful in obtaining effective technical assistance:

I know that the latter's title and perhaps even some of the tone of its contents may be off-putting, but I sincerely believe both of these documents can be very helpful in helping you understand how you can help people help you effectively. Writing a good problem description can be quite a hard job, but it is definitely worthwhile as it the best way of ensuring you get the help you're looking for.



Thanks for helping on this.


The problem is:


Once successfully installed all the selected packages, normally it needs to reboot. During the reboot process,  once the initializing adapter configurtion displayed in the black screen, no boot loader loaded.  Just a cursor display.  And server automatically reboot. 


Hmm... if you don't get to the boot loader, then a likely explanation is that the system's configured boot order is wrong for its current configuration. For example, the system is trying to boot from a local disk (which doesn't have an OS / boot loader on it) rather than from the iSCSI LUN, like Local operating system boot fails when external storage is attached - IBM BladeCenter and System x in reverse. The resolution steps from that IBM document should give you a good idea of how the boot order can be changed on this system, and for your installation on an iSCSI LUN, you should make sure first that iSCSI is enabled as a boot option and second that it is tried before any boot options for system-local storage. If that doesn't help, please open a support case for this issue so that it can be routed to our storage specialists.