IPA and syncing multiple OU's from Active Directory

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I have IPA deployed in a test environment for proof of concept before moving into production. It took a while to get everything working but I finally have a working lab with Windows Server 2012 and IPA 2.2 on RHEL 6.3. Users can login and change passwords and everything is working properly.


The only issue I have is that I have to have the users in the Users container in AD and thats it. I ran an ldapmodify command to go to an OU and that worked, but then all my users in the CN=Users were removed from IPA. I tried to just run an add and got an error saying that only one entry can be in the config for syncing.


What I'm hoping is that I can add multiple user OU's from AD into IPA. In our production environment, we have multiple user OU's for different sites and I would love to have them all in.

I guess I could just tell the IPA server to replicate from DC=domain,dc=com and leave out the CN=users or OU=usergroup1 and just have it pull everything, computers and exchange data and what not, which is just a waste IMHO.


Please let me know if this is possible.





Hi Lucas,


As far as i know at this point of time IPA allows to sync only from single subtree.


Refer to the doc below :




By default sync happens from specific location in AD to specific location in IPA. But you can specify the AD location

using the command option : --win-subtree


Hope this helps





Thank you very much. Your answer has been very helpful.