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I use SAM to register VM
I want to use the SAM as a proxy to update the VM. (cdn access)
How should I configure thumbslug.conf and katello.yml?
To date, this does not work, I get an error 502 in the access log thumbslug. it can not find repomd.xml. The proxy does not operate. (port 8088)

Actually i use local repository to update. I think the security updates are not ok .... That's why I want to test with an access to cdn via the proxy SAM (Candlepin)


Someone managed to run SAM as a proxy ?




Hello Julien,


Yes, I have successfully installed it and used it to register systems on it which in turn fetches updates from CDN (via SAM). This setup didn't need any additional changes/settings apart from the one mentioned in the installation guide.

If I understand your issue correctly - you mean that you have installed SAM (default installation) to fetch updates for clients from CDN and it isn't working ?

Along with the default installation, did you follow all the steps including :
- Ports 443 and 8088 for HTTPS (secure WWW) must be open for incoming connections. This can be achieved using the system-config-firewall-tui tool.
- Download subscription manifest and upload it on SAM
- Assign Subscriptions to the registered system

Also after installation did you do any custom changes ?




sorry i was affected to another project......

So could you give me your thumbslug.conf please .?

I have a gateway error 502

I can register my system to the sam so i can't use sam / thumbslug to update another system (except SAM)




Hi Julien,

On my install I see that it has :

# cat /etc/thumbslug/thumbslug.conf
ssl.keystore = /etc/pki/katello/keystore
ssl.keystore.password = <alphanumeric pass>
candlepin.oauth.secret = <alphanumeric pass>



It's ok :

I must spcified the proxy ....

cdn.proxy = true =

cdn.proxy.port = xxxx

cdn.proxy.user = xxxx

cdn.proxy.password = xxxx





Great! Thanks for pointing to that solution here, Julien.