Secure programming - what do you want to know?

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Just as we've produced some developer content for pthreads and NUMA development, we're now looking at secure programming (and some other topics as well).


What would you like to see for secure programming?







See the new Red Hat 4-part video series on Secure Programming.  Learn from Josh Bressers, of Red Hat's Product Security Team, about recommended practices for creating secure code.  Here are the 4 sections:

1. Input Validation - understanding the importance of checking external inputs

2. Numeric Errors - the dangers of using incorrect data types

3. Authorization - looking at user privileges, levels of access, and how they're different

4. Security Mentality - how can developers start to adopt a security-like mentality, also known as the "security mindset"

a newbie to secure programming.... can you suggest how to start :(

A good place to start is to view the video series on secure programming.  You can see them here: