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Who has some experience with a customized UserPortal login page?


We are offering hosted VDI's, but we don't want to bother our cust with choice of the different login domains that are possible in our environment. The cust gets his own sub-domain to login to the portal (via a reverse proxy server).



That sounds like either a portal of your own, or professional services engagement. Since RHEV is opensource, you can definitely tweak things about, however, there's the question of supportability, and moreover - no promise your changes will not be overwritten upon upgrade


If you want a portal that is not the current user portal, it's probably best to roll your own around the RHEV SDK/API



As Dan suggested, your best bet for a fully customized portal would be to create your own that integrates with the RHEV API.  The API documentation is great and has plenty of examples to help you out.


API Doc: