RH Customar Portal really slow.

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I'm working with the RH Customer Portal for about a year now, and it did get some really good updates. But I'm not fully happy with RH Customar Portal. I really like to see a RH Customer Portal (mirror) somewhat closer to europe, because the portal is very slow. Searching through the groups and handeling the support cases takes ages because pages are loading very slow. I don't have any speed problems with websites closer to me.


Any change the get a faster RH Customar Portal?



-- Vincent


Hi Vincent,


We already employ a global CDN to help speed up certain aspects of the Customer Portal. This means that much of the data you consume is already served from a nearby point of presence. For example, check the home page. That is fully static and fully cached globally - does it load (and re-load) quickly for you? Many other pages are like this.


The two cases you describe, however, are dynamic and are much more difficult to mirror. Let me take them one at a time.

  1. Groups - we are actively working on deploying a caching server to reduce backend database traffic and speed up the dynamic portions of the application such as this. In fact, we are going to be leveraging our own data grid to do so. Stay tuned for updates on the technology and how we integrate it with our content management system.
  2. Support Cases - this is a different system entirely (though that is transparent to the user) and we are always looking for ways to speed it up. I'd love to see a graph of the page/item load times so that we can see if there is anything amiss in your situation. If you're familiar with firebug, that will give a very details graph of how each item on the page loads and how fast (or not!) the page itself loaded. I'd like to ask you to submit a support case with this information and let our team have a look. What kind of page load times are you experiencing?

I'm happy to continue this here or via a support case, it's up to you. If I've listed anything that you need further help with, I'm also happy to assist.

Thanks Chris, I will investigate this further with Firebug to make sure this is not a client side / netwerk problem.

Thanks Vincent, I appreciate the extra effort to help resolve this!