How to get RHEV-M to see a physical CD

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I am installing a windows 2008 server VM.

As this is a one off install, I am putting the media in the DVD on the server and installing from there.

Unfortunately, when I right click, run once, click "attach CD"   no media appears in the window to select.


I tried putting the media in the data center and putting it in the RHEV-M server


I RTFM on the portal and it assumes the RHEV-M can populate the media field.

Of course I googled it, and found nothing.

I searched redhat and found nothing.


Hi Sylvia and welcome to the groups,


RHEV does not support using physical CDs. If you need to use a media, convert it to an ISO image, put it in an ISO storage domain, and attach it to the VM. Alternatively, you could use FOG or WDS, and have the installing VM boot from PXE.


To create an ISO image from a CD, simply insert the media in a machine and run `dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/tmp/mymedia.iso`

Thank you,

The irony is that the RHEV-M manual tell you how to boot from CD, and the RHEV-M GUI has matching options in

run once

check box for CD  then a window for the image



Could you point me to the exact location in the manuals? If it's not clear, we could fix that.