Removing Server From a domain

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I haope this is the correct place to post my question. If not, please advise.


I have a Redhat Linux 6 server that is part of our domain.


How do I remove this server from the domain it's in, and add it to another domain?


The server is not performing anything other than a smtp mail server. Thats it, not running nis,dns,,,etc....


Thanks in advance.



Are you talking about a client joined to AD domain? if yes, use 'net ads leave -U <user>%<passwd>' to leave the domain. 

Change smb.conf entries (point to new domain) and join using 'net ads join' command.


Hope this helps.


not sure If I clearly know what I am doing here.


The linux server is a standalone server, just happens to be a member of a windows domain.

The net ads info command returns this:


# net ads info
[2012/10/17 09:54:22.147473,  0] utils/net_ads.c:285(ads_startup_int)
  ads_connect: No logon servers
[2012/10/17 09:54:22.963330,  0] utils/net_ads.c:285(ads_startup_int)
  ads_connect: No logon servers
Didn't find the ldap server!

Would you please paste the pertinent part of your Samba smb.conf? You can remove the comments for easier pasting with "grep -v ^# smb.conf". (Feel free to obfuscate or change company-specific information like the workgroup/domain name.) If you are using local security (and not relying on the domain controller(s) for authentication/authorization), you should just be able to change the WORKGROUP directive and restart Samba.

Lots of good reading on the subject can be found here:

Thanks Phil, yes got it......

I was looking into the wrong conf file. I was able to change domains, thanks for your help, very much apreciated. I'll rty not to be too much of a pain here. Converting from solaris to Linux,,, little taxing.... thanks again everyone.

Glad you were able to get it sorted out!