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I'm currently running rhev 3.0 with three hosts and rhevh.
I need to upgrade my hardware In the immediate future by adding an additional processor and RAM memory to my existing hosts.
The simple question is: Do I have to reconfigure all my datacenter environment since I'm changing the hardware architecture? Or it would be automatically detected from the hypervisor after reboot?
Is there a documentation available for this situation?

thank you


If you are adding more CPU/RAM, all you need to do is place the host you are working on in maintenance, before turning it off. 


If the host CPU family is changed, you will need to create an appropriate cluster for the new CPU, and before activating the host after upgrade, edit it and change it's cluster affinity. Any VM that should run in the new cluster, should also be turned off, edited, cluster changed, and started.



Thank you Dan this answer my question.