What's your preference for watching longer video content?

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Hey everyone,


We're conducting a poll on viewing habits for longer technical video content. Thinking about the way you consume videos, please take the following poll, then add comments below about your preference on how we should deliver longer video content.


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If we can't have individual videos by topic, it's almost as good if we have a 'Table of Contents' on a longer video that shows the time a topic starts and allows you to 'drag' the slider forward to jump to that time.


I hope we can get one of the two.


Thank you,



Hi Rick,


As a matter of fact, we have both today :)

We just added chapters as a feature to videos, starting with this one. No need to drag a slider, just click the chapter that interests you and the video will play it.


We have also routinely been breaking up longer videos into series (we've done this for SELinux, sVirt, and LDAP).

Looks awesome, Sean! Thanks for shaing.

I'm usually OK with instructional videos of up to 20-30 minutes long myself

Dan, are chapters something that would be useful to you in a 20-30 minute video?

Not really, the 20-30 minute videos I watch are usually one big chunk of information, like howto videos on youtube

Hey, Sean!


You know what would be nice?  A list that shows the videos on CSP by category and how many there are.


For instance, I'm interested in some of the Fuse stuff, SOA-P, EDS, BRMS, and JBDS.  But I can't tell which of these will have any videos available without clicking on them one at a time from the drop-down.  (Most have no video yet.  But I have to go searching every category every day if I want to see if any have appeared!)


Can we get a one-glance way to see if any vids are available?





Sounds like channels might fit the bill for what you're suggesting. We've got it on the roadmap to offer channels/playlists ala YouTube, but I can't speak to when it will be available. 

A couple of things you can do in the meantime to find relevant content:


  • Use the "Search" bar and type in the term you're looking for. On the results page, you can check off "Videos" to filter the results.
  • You can also use the "Filter by Keyword" box on the Videos main page - it searches by title only, but I usually try to provide the product name in the title for all videos.