Can't find any instructions on how to do a RHEL 6.3 installation on 2 RAID1 drives

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It would seem to be fairly common situtaion. install RHEL 6.3 on a server that has 2 identical drives in a RAID1 mirror.


just can't seem to find any examples, howtos or directions anywhere...


i do see that the LVM has support for RAID1 vs Mirror... 


this morning I tried to use the custom partition program in the Graphical installer to create a /boot and a / partition both as ext4 formatted MD devices.

/dev/sda1 200M software raid partition

/dev/sdb1 200M software raid partition

/dev/sda2 405000M software raid partition

/dev/sdb2 405000M software raid partition



MD0   /boot   200M    /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2             EXT4

MD1   /          405000M /dev/sda2  /dev/sda2          EXT4


when I selected Next to continue the install 

I got the error message  /boot/efi not configured.


so i shrunk the / partition and addeda 200M  MD1 as /boot/efi       and MD2 as the new slightly smaller / partition

still got the same message.


any suggestions?








Hi Mark,


Your /boot/efi partition will need to be either formatted as EFI Data (if Anaconda - the installer) gives you the option, or vfat if it doesn't, it also can't (to my knowledge) be located on a software RAID device due to the nature of data and how the EFI BIOS's expect the partition to be presented.


Also, looking at your partition format, you may potentially have issues with /boot located on a Software RAID device (were bugs in the past where people tried that and ran into trouble with such an issue).


As a hint, or a base line, you may want to let Anaconda suggest the partition table for you (by selecting one of the non-'Custom Layout' options, and ticking the 'Customize layout before installation' checkbox, you can then remove the partitions that you don't want, and if using an uEFI based system, have the recommendations for /boot/efi pre-entered, especially if you run into issues with manually configuring that partition.


- Nigel Jones