ISO Storage - attach iso image from hypervisor

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Is there a way to attach an iso image (install media) to a VM from the hypervisor?

The reason I ask is because my iso domain storage can't be activated in the cluster I want to perform installations, but the hypervisor still has the iso storage mounted and can access the isos.

This would be a workaround so I can install machines while the iso storage is inactive.


technically it can be done with a bit of hackery, but lets find out what is wrong with your ISO domain instead. 

I have opened a support ticket about it. The issue is that I'm suppose to install new VM until tomorrow, and I don't think this will be resolved that quickly.


The short version:

I upgraded the hypervisors (have two in the affected cluster).

The iso storage somehow changed to inactive.

Trying to activate it:


Cannot find master domain (Error code: 304)


Trying to detach it:

Storage domain cannot be reached from the selected Host. Try to select another Host. (Error code: 358)



I do understand that it would inolve a bit of hackery to perform the attach part from hypervisor, but it would be really helpful since this is not the first time my iso storage can't be activated for some reason.