Meet Rohan Ferris - Our Red Hatter of the Week

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Rohan Ferris is this week's Red Hatter of the Week!


In his own words:


"Hi, My name is Rohan Ferris and I am from Brisbane, Australia. As a Technical Support Engineer with Red Hat I get the chance to work with all sorts of people from all over the world. Having been a Linux enthusiast since the age of 14 it really satisfies to me to see just how far open source has come and what people are doing with it. The success stories I see and hear from customers simply blow me away. To be able to help out and have input on so many different deployments with varying purposes is very exciting.

On my days off you'll find me riding motorcycles both on and off the road, as well as at the race track. I even manage not to crash sometimes."



Stay tuned for more coming soon from Rohan!


Funnily enough, this picture was taken before I worked at Red Hat.

Uhoh. What was your excuse for the fedora? 

Hehe. I saw it in a shop and immediately thought about Red Hat. More specifically the Gnome Panel Icon from Red Hat 9. Those were the days :)


Hey, thanks Perry.