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I am currently running a freeradius server on my Fedora 14 system and I would like to migrate it to RHEL6.  When looking at the packages I noticed that on my Fedora 14 system I have the following list of packages for freeradius:



On RHEL6 I have the following packages:




None of the database related packages exist.  I did some additional investigation and discovered that these packages used to exist on RHEL5.   Why are they no longer present on RHEL6?  Since my radius configuration uses MySQL on Fedora 14 how do I go about migrating to RHEL6 if I can't use MySQL?


Any assistance is appreciated.


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In case of RHEL-6, remaining freeradius packages are available in "RHEL Server Optional" child channel. Hence it is required to subscribe registered system with "RHEL Server Optional" child channel on customer portal in order to install other freeradius packages.


  thank you for the information.   How do I subscribe to the "RHEL Server Optional" channel?  I downloaded the packages manually from the channel, but it would be nice if I could do a yum list all on my RHEL6 system and get the full list of packages available rather than having to keep checking the package list on the channel for updates.


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Hi Paolo!


 If your system is registered in RHN and classic management, select Subscriptions (right side of menu) and "registered systems" from the pop out (its middle/bottom, under classic managment) on the portal.


Search for your system, and select it once you see it listed.


Once in the system view, on the first page, under system info, you will see:


Subscribed Channels (Alter Channel Subscriptions)



Select that and then select the optional channel:


In my case it is,

RHEL Server Optional (v. 6 64-bit x86_64)


Click change subscriptions at the lower right.


Once that is successful, log into the node, I usually do a "yum clean all" followed by a "yum repolist" just to ensure everything is fine.  You should see the optional channel in the output from the "yum repolist" command.


I'm assuming you have permissions to manipulate the subsription and have an entitlement available.


Here is a link to yum basics.



HTH. please let me know.






  thank you for the information.  I followed your instructions, but I ran into a problem.   I have 2 systems with RHEL subscriptions, one is to RHEL5 Server and the other to RHEL6 Workstation.  I want to run freeradius on what currently is an RHEL6 Workstation. When I go to the "Alter Channel Subscriptions" for the RHEL6 system the only channels shown are those related to workstation and there does not appear to be a way to convert the workstation entitlement to a server entitlement.


In order to do what I want and to successfully complete your instructions I have to download the server DVD and purchase a RHEL6 server subscription.  It does not appear that I can convert the RHEL5 Server to an RHEL6 server nor can I convert the workstation subscription to a server subscription.




Hi Paulo,

  I don't believe there is a way to convert your RHEL 6 workstation entitlement to server, but I am not a sales person and do not know how that side works.


If you would like, you are welcome to email me your account number, and I can check into it for you or you could could submit that question here: