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On RHEL Server 6.3 Vmware ESX.


We use Subscription Asset Manager.
We want to create a local yum repo on this machine (SAM)
We do not want our client machines connect directly to the Internet to download the update.

How can we set up a local repository yum on Subscription Asset Manager ?

How configured Subscription manager client to use a local subscription service ?


Doc :
'That means that the local Subscription Manager client needs to be configured to use the local subscription service and then the content proxy, rather than using the default Red Hat Network (hosted) configuration. '

thank you


Hello Julien, follow bellow two articles that I believe can assist you on what you are looking for:


    - How do I create a local mirror of the latest update for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 without using Satellite server?


    - How do I configure a yum local repository to be able to access a DVD ISO via HTTP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?



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It's ok now.