My data center gets to 'problematic' state.

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I have created a data center and a cluster. Also created a storage domain and attached it to the data center, and also installed two rhev-h host and have been approved by the rhevm for the data center.


But currently state of my datacenter is: problematic

state of storage domain is: inactive

state of host is: non_operational


I cannot activate the storagedomain or host. What's the situation of my data center? How could I fix it?


What do you see reported when a host fails to activate? What is reported when the storage domain doesn't activate? Have you opened a support case?

I got into a similar situation a few weeks ago.  I spent a while trying to activate the host to no avail.  Finally, I noticed (in the host details area) some text suggesting that the Admin Portal user remove the host and re-install RHEV-H.  When I removed the host from the Admin Portal, RHEV-M said that it recovered the SPM data.  Subsequently, another host became the SPM.