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I'd like to hear how you first discovered Red Hat Groups. Did you stumble across them, or find them in a search? Did a friend tell you about them, or someone from Red Hat invite you here? Tell me about what led you here and to make your first post? I'm interested to hear your thoughts, because I suspect the Groups aren't easy enough to access for post on.



When I first took the engineering position with my current employer, my primary background was commercial UNIX systems. Specifically, I'd been a specialist in high-availability systems, data protection and disaster recovery. I had a strong background in storage - I was actually hired to be a storage engineer - and was used to managing storage in Solaris, AIX, HP/UX and the like. Our enterprise was looking to go down the RedHat path and my UNIX background was good in that regard. For better or worse, I was used to the very robust and mature storage  configuration and management tools available on traditional UNIX systems. I found that very few of those tools existed within RedHat, yet (without buying lots of add-ons and heading down the vendor lock-in path they were trying to extricated themselves from by pursuing the Linux path). 


I ended up frequently pestering our RedHat build folks. They were Linux generalists and rarely had the answers I was seeking. So, they suggested I try using RedHat's Groups system.


I sorted out who I needed to talk to to get access and I've been a frequent-flyer ever since.

That's great, Thomas. You've been really helpful to a lot of other contributors in the community - do you feel like you've been able to get the answers you needed from Red Hat folks here?