Connecting to RHEV-History database Remotely

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Hi All,


Is there any guide to connect to rhevm_history database remotely? Since, we need to enable some configuration in postgresql db. Administration guide doesnot talk about all these procedures.  Also, is it recommended to connect to the rhevm_history db remotely? So that other applications/tools can connect to the db.





That would require a change to the PostgeSQL hba.conf, to allow remote connections, as well as iptables on RHEV-M I suppose. Let me see if there is a better way

Usually allowing remote connection involves below steps.

cd /var/lib/pgsql/data

# vi postgresql.conf
listen_addresses = '*'

# vi pg_hba.conf
host    all         all        md5

# service postgresql restart

Configure firewall to allow connection to port 5432

Readonly connection is ok, but please take care for them to be non resource intensive.



Thanks for the response. Is this procedure is recommended by red-hat. Because, the admin guide doesnot even talk about creating a remote connection to the database.





It is not recommended to access the database directly. Instead, use the interfaces provided by the reporting engine, I think should do the trick, but I haven't tried it myself yet.