Installing external binaries in the RHEV hypervisor?

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Is there a posibility of Installing an external binaries in the RHEV hypervisor?? and also can some one explain the use of persist command?





You cannot install anything in RHEV-H, it's a locked down image, pretty much like a liveCD.


The only allowed changes are to some small config files, which is where the "persist" command kicks in. Persist will save the persisted config file in a separate mountpoint in /config which gets bind-mounted on top of the default config files when the RHEV-H boots.


the /config partition is too small for binaries and is limited for system-wide installations, so it can only be used to persist text config files.



What exactly do you need to install?

Officially, you can't change even config files, unless directed to do so by support.  You should also not use persist unless directed to do so.  


One thing that might interest you is the plugin feature that was just release upstream.  It will allow some installation (offline) of packages.  We're very interested in getting feedback on whether the implementation makes sense and fits your needs.