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I'm trying to configure the IPA-SERVER as mail distribution list.

From several email clients I'm able to pull email address from the IPA/LDAP server and use the autocomplete function. It is not clear to me how to configure groups distribution list into the IPA/SERVER and adopt the same mechanism to pull groups out from the IPA-SERVER from e-mail clients.


My base search for the ldap client is cn=accounts,dc=mydomain,dc=com I wonder If I need another search for cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=mydomain,dc=com.


Should I define a special group within the IPA-SERVER with specific properties that allow the group to be searchable by e-mail clients?


Any help is greatly appreciate

Thank you



Hi Marcello,


Taking a look around, it looks like you have some traction with this question from the freeIPA-users mailing list. Glad to hear it!




Feel free to keep the discussion going in here as well.




Jamie Duncan

Technical Account Manager Team Lead

Thank you Jamie,


Unfortunatelly I'm not getting any answers on this one, even on the free-ipa user newsletter. 

I wonder if the all thingh is even possible at this point.



Marcello, it might be that your best bet for a definitive answer is to open a support case. I can open one on your behalf if you like.

Hi David,


I only have premium support for virtualization, do you think they cover this type of issue?



Hello Marcello,


IPA is not supported under RHEVirtualization, it is part of RHEL subscription. I'll try to chase an IPA resource to provide some inputs regarding your initial question.




Hi Marcello,


I think you can try to use search string below to list all the groups in IPA.


ldapsearch -LL -Y GSSAPI -b cn=groups,cn=compat,dc=mydomain,dc=com


Hope this helps.