RHEVM: Mac Pool Ranges

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I have a couple of queries regarding the defined MAC pool range in RHEV.

According to rhevm-config, the MAC pool range that a VM draws from is  :-


MacPoolRanges: 00:1A:4A:EB:8B:00-00:1A:4A:EB:8B:FF version: general


This equates to 255 available MAC addresses.


Q1.   255 doesn't seem that much, especially if you have VM's with multiple NIC's.   Can we increase this range ?

Q2.  It might be that I have several RHEV-M instancies on the same network.  I assume I'm able to define my own MAC pool range to ensure they don't clash ?

Q3.  Are the MAC's selected from the pool in a random or incremental fashion ?

Q4.  If a VM is removed, does its assigned MAC(s) go back into the pool ?




1) absolutely, just use rhevm-config -s to set up your own range

2) see #1 - it is best practice to redefine MAC pools when you have more than one RHEV-M running

3) incremental

4) it will, but the increment keeps running, when the pool is out, the released MACs will be iterated over

Marvellous!  Thanks again Dan