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Hi all!

I have found in documentation that templates can be shared between different storage domains and datacenters using export/import on export domain. And how about sharing templates between different RHEV Managers?

Is there a possibility to prepare a template with installed OS and applications and export it to any RHEV infrastructure with Manager, hypervisor, storage and so on?


I have explored my external domain that I used for template exporting and have found the sophisticated structure of dirs and  files:





























Will this work if I’ll create an archive with this data, put it on another storage, unpack and attach to another RHEV infrastructure? Is there any dependencies between export domains and RHEV-M database?


Thanks in advance!


export domains are specifically made for this - once you detach an export domain from a data center, you can attach that NFS exportto another RHEV-M or another data center with no problems. 

If you need to carry it to another location, an NFS share is just files, so as long as you export it the same way and the file permissions are intact, another RHEV-M should be able to locate this export domain, attach it and import the VMs and templates located on this export domain.