Installation issues with RedHat 6.0

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First I want to express some frustration - the RHEL 6.0 installer is broken. How it got out of human factors testing I do not know? (Note: I am a development project manager).  It is nice to have some profiles to choose from "Basic Server, etc. but no selection to choose if you want a graphical interface?  Why must this be a mystery for users to solve?  


Installation:  Then and now the anaconda tool still struggles to recognize my IBM LCD panel and establish a resolution - such a simple task for installer packages today.


I have tried several combinations of installations starting with basic video driver at start of install , choosing a basic server install and customizing it with a desktop, adding X11 support, etc. Various run levels at start too.   I have even tried using vi to edit the inittab and xorg.conf files to match  my other RHEL 5 server’s.  No consistent results... I get screwed up screens "lines" or command line login screen. So no cigar ,  it fails to load a graphical UI and stable screen resolution.


Note:  The new RHEL 6 installation shares a console with a RHEL ver. 5 server - both are IBM Xseries servers.   Yeah, I know I could just install webmin and admin from my desk...but that does not solve the installation issue. I need some help from the experts out there.  – you. 


Suggestions please on next steps to try:


Thanks in advance - Steve




Yea, 6.0 was pretty much broken the day it released.  There was a fix for anaconda pushed to 6.1, but I don't think they ever went back to patch 6.0.


Actually, a lot of people completely skipped 6.0 all together due to this and many other external storage issues as well.

Any reason why you aren't installing 6.2/6.3?



Well, Since I bought it and paid for the disks.... I assumed it worked :-( .  In my world we would have done regression tests and fixed the 6.0 build and sent out advisories for users... like me - the paying customer!   My mistake.   Does 6.3 work or are there still issues with it? 


If not I will try 6.3 tonight and see if I get any better results.





I feel you on that!  We had to find out the hard way as well, but at least for the DELL external storage issues our DELL rep informed us before we even found the problem, which was nice.  I honestly haven't had a chance to mess with 6.3 yet, but 6.2 is rockin' along here in our deployments.  Some automation issues with kickstart and auto-partitioning were headaches in 6 for us in the beginning, but since you are doing CD install I don't think you'd have a problem.


Good luck!



Thanks for passing along the potential external storage issues and kickstart stuff - I do use it for new installs and bare metal repairs. I'll try out 6.2 .