RHEVM management through WAN

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Is anyone using RHEVM to manage remote hypervisors via MPLS WAN connections? Any issues that I need to account for?


I have many remote sites that I would like to place hypervisors, but don't want the overhead of separate management servers at each site.


It really depends on the amount of hosts, VMs and storage at the remote locations, bandwidth and latency. If you can build a test setup remotely, and see if it remains stable, hosts not going non-responsive, because of communication timeouts, it should be OK. 

Thanks, Dan.


I'll give this a test.


Our bandwidth at each site is limited to T-1 w/wireless failover with good latency (<50ms). I'm looking at 28-30 remote sites with 1 (local storage) or 2 (site-local iscsi) hosts running ~10 VMs.