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Is there any special procedure for using an FC export domain for exporting from RHEV2.2 and importing to RHEV3.0 ?


Our NFS exports are toooo slow, so I'm considering if we should try FC instead. Will it be OK to create the FC export domain on RHEV2.2, export a bunch of VMs. Detach it. Then zone the LUN over to our RHEV 3.0 environment and import there?


Sorry, no, only NFS based export domains are supported. 

Are you sure about that? It looks to me like RHEVM 2.2 support FCP based export, and that RHEVM 3.0 allows FCP based import.. At least that's what the menu system tells me. I haven't really tried it yet.

It kind of worked... The export and imports worked fine, but the two environments didn't like me removing the LUN for the FC-exportdomain after it was detached in rhevm. It probably would have worked better if I could assign the LUN to both environments at the same time.. unfortunately that doesn't seem possible with the DS4800 LUN-masking.


On the RHEV3 installation where we only have two hypervisors, I ended up with both hypervisors looking fine, but none of them were SPM, and the datacenter was all red and the data storage domain was inactive. The VMs seems fine though. Guess I'll need to powercycle the hypervisors to recover.


On the RHEV2.2 installation similar things were happening, but it eventually resolved itself..