Locate and install RPM for Perl Config::General module

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How do I locate the RPM that contains the Perl Config::General module?


I believe it is called "perl-config-general", but doing a search on it returns little information.


I would be interested in the version for RHEL 5.5 and RHEL 6.1.




On RHEL6.1 as well as RHEL5.5 systems that have the install media available as yum repo


   # yum search perl-config-general


brings up:

=================== N/S Matched: perl-config-general ===================
perl-Config-General.noarch : Generic configuration module for Perl



The following search leads to the same result:


  # yum search Config::General

Thank you. You confirmed what I thought. My yum repository config was missing some entries. Now corrected, I've located and installed the package.