Problem installing RHEVM 3.1 Beta

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I have a current running RHEVM 3.0 on RHEL 6.3 x86_64 that my company is evaluating versus VMware and so far it's been positive.


I'm trying to upgrade it to the 3.1 beta and ran into a situation I don't know how to handle, and searching on and has turned up nothing helpful. I added the RHEVM 3 beta channel to the subscribed channels to the server.


When I run rhevm-check-update I'm presented with this list of available packages:

13 Updates available:
 * rhevm-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-backend-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-config-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-dbscripts-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-genericapi-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-iso-uploader-3.1.0-2.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-log-collector-3.1.0-2.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-notification-service-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-restapi-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-tools-common-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-userportal-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * rhevm-webadmin-portal-3.1.0-11.el6ev.noarch
 * vdsm-bootstrap-4.9.6-28.0.el6_3.noarch


The first time I tried to run rhevm-upgrade I received a message that I needed to update rhevm-setup, and I did that:

# rpm -q rhevm-setup

Now when I'm running rhevm-upgrade I'm getting a message that JBoss is dead, but pid file exists:

Error: JBoss service is dead, but pid file exists
Error: Upgrade failed.

I check the log file in /var/log/ovirt-engine and see that it's trying to stop a service called ovirt-engine

2012-08-21 15:51:45::DEBUG::common_utils::293::root:: Executing command --> '/sbin/service ovirt-engine status'


I don't have that service configured, and cannot proceed.


The documents for the 3.1 beta don't cover this, and again my searching hasn't been much help. Any guidance would be appreciated.






At this time, upgrades from 3.0 to 3.1 are not possible. If you want to evaluate 3.1, you need to build a setup from scratch. There will be an upgrade path when 31 goes GA.

Ah okay, thanks for the reply. I'll shelf the idea and continue our evaluations on 3.0 in the meantime.