RHEVM: Spice console unavailable in 3.1 beta

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I'm curious that the Spice console is not available for VM's in 3.1beta. 

It remains ghosted even once the VM is fully online and operational.




For a spice console to be availabel you need to be accessing the webadmin using Firefox on Linux, with spice-xpi installed

Effectivley support for Windows has been dropped in 3.1?  Regardless that we are accessing webadmin via Firefox.

Will this be the case when 3.1 goes general release ?


If true, I will have to provide my team with Linux desktops to enable them to support RHEV  -   every cloud.... :)

The plan is to have spice-xpi for Windows, it's in the works right now.


And Linux desktops are an even better solution if you ask me :)

Let just keep that between you and me.....I need to fund my Linux VDI project somehow ;)