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Hi all,


To follow up the RHEV Overview & Roadmap session from this year's Red Hat Summit, I'd like to offer you the chance to continue to discuss the topics covered here in the Groups, and also ask any questions you might have for the presenters. Session presenter and RHEV Product Manager Andy Cathrow will be available to provide extra insight and answer any questions you might have had from the session.


Please use this discussion thread for any questions related to the session, and even if you couldn't make it to the session, don't hesitate to speak up!




David Powles
Groups Administrator




Firstly, congratulations on a very successful Summit.


I am part of an organisation that already has a hightly virtualised environment, using RHCS VM (KVM & Xen) clusters for our Linux estate and your "market leading competitors" offering for Windows server support.  Our current virtualised Linux estate consists of approx. 600 VM's which is growing.... fast !

We are looking to replace our aging RHCS VM clusters with RHEV but we are under increasing pressure to justify introducing another virtualisation platform into our environment instead of simply migrating to our already well established and supported "competitors" platform.


What advise/ammunition could you give us to fend off these suggestions ?