Driver network and graphic cards

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I am using Redhat Enterprise Dektop 5.8
for 64 bit System.
The notebook has the folowing hardware:
Intel corporatin ultimate n wifi link 5300
ati rv710 radeon hd 4500/5100
Unfortunaely there is no driver avaiable in the default installation.
Where to get the correct driver for this hardware and how to install?

Probably I need 32 bit drivers for correct working.


Further I tried to install the compat-wireless-3.5.1-1 driver.

It didn't work because there is no kernel headers in /lib/modules.

The drivers for your hardware are available in the third-party ELRepo.


One of the fglrx-x11-drv packages should contain support your video card. Confirm which version of the AMD driver you need for your card and install that version of the package.


The iwl5000-firmware package should have what you need to get your wifi working. You'll probably need to reboot after installation (or just reload the driver module for the wlan card).


Note that any packages from this repository are not supported by Red Hat. The elrepo repository shouldn't overwrite anything, so the rest of your system besides these drivers would remain supported. The elrepo-extras, elrepo-kernel and other repositories on the site may overwrite Red Hat-supplied files. It wouldn't be the best idea for supportability to run a third-party kernel on a RHEL system.