Preparing for a network installation

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The question I have has to do with configuring a server for a network installation. If, for instance, I want to set the server up as an FTP server, I would copy the contents of the installation media to the directory /var/ftp/pub/inst/. This is simple enough if the installation files are all contained on a single DVD. What, however, needs to be done if the installation files are contained on two DVDs. Do the DVDs need to be copied to two distinct directories such as /var/ftp/pub/inst/disc1 and /var/ftp/pub/inst/disc2?


Gathering together the content of multiple CD images or CDs for a network deployment is no longer required nowadays. In the CD times, for example for RHEL3, the contents were copied 'over each other' into the destination directory, instead of having separate directories per CD.

So the packages of the CDs ended up in a common directory.


Nowadays one would use the contents of a DVD install image.

Additional DVD are likely to be prepared so they can be used as yum repository.


To make the contents of such further DVD with packages available to clients it is recommended to

- copy their content to a separate directory

- make this also available via http, ftp or nfs

- and have the client systems use this as additional repository