Virtio NIC speed is 1Gb when host is 10Gb

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My hosts all have 10Gbe network connections, but when i create a vm with a virtio nic, the speed is reported in the rhevm and in the guest os (windows server 2008r2) as a 1Gb nic.


Is there a way to present a 10Gb nic to a windows guest? If not - why not?


A bit more info on this:


The system that reports a 1Gb connection was eported from rhev 2.2 and then imported into rhev3, and upgraded to the latest tools.


I have since created a new guest (running windows 7x64) on the rhev3 system. The NIC speed is still reported as 1Gb in rhevm, but the os sees 10Gb...


Maybe the imported system hasnt updated the drivers correctly?

I think what you are seeing is normal, the virtio NICs aren't capped to 1Gb, but reporting has to be strict for the driver to pass WHQL.