availability of Red Hat Storage 2.0 for On-premise (GlusterFS) for evaluation?

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Howdy do,


Has anyone been able to download an eval copy of RHS 2.0?  I don't see it in the downloads list and I'm beginning to think that Red Hat isn't ready to release it into the wild.




Hi John,


Here are some links to help you with information on the GA of Red Hat Storage 2.0:


Red Hat Storage 2.0 Product Page:



Red Hat Storage 2.0 Life Cycle:



Hope this helps!



Red Hat, Inc.

Hello Andrius,


Thank you for the links, but no - they do not help.  What I need is a real, live, caffeine addicted, scruffy bearded, sysadmin to confirm that they have been able to download RHS 2.0 On-premise as an eval.  Shoot, I'd even be happy to hear from someone who bought the thing and was able to download it.  Thanks.



LOL! I'll leave this to the current customers / evaluators to respond then! :-)



I can't vouch for caffeine addiction or scruffy beards, but I have invited a RHS expert to help you out here, John. ;)

Hi John.  As far as I know you can't download RHS as an eval like you can many other Red Hat products.  I _think_ normal evals will be available in the future.  At this time the only way to get access to the bits is to contact your solutions architect and request a Proof of Concept.  If you don't want to go that route then I suggest trying the community bits from gluster.org.

Thanks, Ben.  We're fresh out of solutions architects at the moment, but I've contacted another sales rep in the hope that we'll eventually find our way to the right humans.  Failing that, we'll go to gluster.org.