How to prevent Red Hat major version updates.

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I am using RHEL 6.1 Server for ppc64.  I am also using a Red Hat Satellite server for server managment.


I have specific software that will not work on RHEL 6.2.


Is there anyway to set my systems where they cannot be updated to 6.2 inadvertently?


Let's say a system admin inavertently tried to run the update from 6.1 to 6.2.  Is there a way to refuse or deny this update?


Minor kernel updates to 6.1 is okay, but I don't want major updates (i.e. 6.2, 6.3) and other software packages I still want to be able to get.




You can create a custom channel on your satellite that has only the allowed packages for your hosts, and then subscribe those hosts to that channel.  That way if someone runs 'yum update', they will only get the packages that you have deemed acceptable.



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Hi John, thanks for the reply.


Awesome!  Thanks for the tip.


Seems like a lot of work but I will do it.


It would be sexy if the Red Hat Satellite server had an option to hide certain updates that you never wanted to install.  Kinda like the windows updates on Windows 7.  Wouldn't you agree?


Thanks again.

how does this works without 'satellite'. how do you create a channel?




I've added the following line to /etc/yum.conf on my servers to keep them from downloading these specific packages, and thus keep them from upgrading.


exclude=kernel* glibc* nscd redhat-release-*

If you are using Certificate-based Red Hat Subscription Management (not Classic Subscription Management platform which RHN Satellite uses), you can set the Preferred Service Level for a system with the newest subscription-manager:


(for an overview of Red Hat Subscription Management, see

Without a Satellite one could offer the contents of a RHEL dvd via http

and use this as yum repo on the client systems.


There are quite some kbase articles on this, for example

How do I configure a yum local repository to be able to access a DVD ISO via HTTP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?