How to search for EAP6 content in CSP ?

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Hi, I can see a lot of tech articles in


How can I restrict those search to return only EAP6 articles ?








Unfortunately you can't filter by just JBoss EAP 6 solutions. You can use the search for specific articles/questions etc.





Hi Claudio --


Thanks for your question.  Yes, we don't yet offer a means to narrow search results by product, however it is in the planning stage.


Our roadmap calls for adding faceted search to our search results, starting with product families, then getting down to the specific product level -- such as EAP6 -- as soon as possible.  We'll extend that ability beyond products to address such things as the relevance of the document to the specific activity you're involved in: do you need trouble-shooting help?  how-to information? or perhaps information on how to tune a product for better performance?


Please feel free to make suggestions in the "Red Hat Customer Portal" group discussion area, we'd love to hear what would make the most useful improvements for the portal's search experience.


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Claudio, you can search JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 documentation on this site using Google's "site:" search feature. For example, to search for information the EAP 6 docs for information about deployment descriptors, use the following search in Google:


deployment descriptor site:

Thanks for the information.