Problem starting a remote X Windows session to a RHEL 6.2 server from a client machine

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I am a newbie to RHEL and this group.  Hope I can contribute to this group in the near future.  Currently, I have a X Windows remote login problem in our RHEL environment that I hope to get help from this group.


I have a RHEL 6.2 server running under VMWare ESX 5.0.  The server has the Desktop, Desktop Platform and X Window System software group installed.  When I executed /usr/bin/startx in run level 3 or init 5 to run level 5, I can only get the X Windows GUI from the console but not able to get the X session from the Windows desktop machine.  My goal is to get X Windows remote login working on that RHEL 6.2 server.


Any help will be appreciated!  Looking forward to hearing from anyone in this group.







Hi Thornton,


You can download an X windows client from . Configure it with the Linux server and set the DISPLAY variable to the windows machine IP in the server for that session. Then you should be able to see the GUI services remotely.

Kevin, thanks for taking time to respond to Ricky's post!


And Ricky, I apologize that you had to wait so long for someone to get back to you- we'll do better next time :)



I would agree with Kevin.  You'll need a X Window Client like cygwin to connect to your RHEL machine's X server. 


One additional thought, typically you need to allow XDMCP protocol on the RHEL machine since cygwin uses it (


Alternatively, you could connect to a RHEL machine's desktop using vnc.  Here are instructions for setting up a vncserver on RHEL:  Then, you'd need a client (like tigervnc) on the Windows side to connect to the RHEL server.


Best of Luck !




I'm having trouble discerning from your post: are you trying to export your display from an RHEL system to a Windows system and, if so, are you trying to get the full GDM desktop to display on your Windows host rather than just a single application?


If it's a Remote Linux X-redirect to a Windows client, make sure that you've allowed port 6000/tcp inbound access to your Windows hosts (particularly on Windows 7 or Windows 2008). Otherwise, you'll need to tunnel your X traffic (typically via SSH). If you're looking to redirect the remote X desktop to your Windows system, you'll need to muck with your security settings in the gdm.conf to allow it (depending on your RHEL build, remote GDM is likely disabled by default).