Export / Import: Export & Import Templates between RHEV-M instancies

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I have several RHEV-M instancies .  I don't want to have to create an identicle template on each RHEV-M.  Is there a way I can copy/export/import templates between RHEV-M's ?

For instance, is it possible to create a template, export it and then import it onto a different RHEV-M and datacentre ?




Absolutely, templates can be exported/imported. The only current culprit is with exporting/importing within the same RHEV-M (different datacentre) but that can be worked around

Shame that you cannot mount more than one Export domain per datacentre. It would save you the hastle of detatching one before attaching the other.

I aslo noticed that you cannot have storage domain objects with the same name, even across seperate datacentres.

This prevented me from detaching an Export domain and attaching a different one which happened to have the same name.

the former would make a great RFE, while the latter sounds more like something that needs to be fixed. Could you open support cases for both of these?