RHEV VM backup solutions

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I'm interesting in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and I need information how I can backup my created virtual machines without losing of supervision and stopping my business services. For example, I going to update the software on VM and I need to backup my data to prevent it’s losing in case of update failures. But I can’t find solutions for these cases.


I see that there are snapshots available for backing up VM’s state. But it is needed to power off the VM to take the snapshot and it can take a lot of time.


May be, it is possible to clone my VM and perform some changes on it after that? And I can to power on the clone instead of original machine in case of software failures on it?


You can find a growing number of ISV support for these types of activites in the Red Hat Marketplace.  I don't know if the solutions below meet your specific needs, but I recommend you take a look.


The tool I find the most intriguing and inviting is Acronis.



You will find a 15-day temp license to see if it is a good fit and I have had good interactions dealing with Acronis directly.


Symantec also has great a relationship with Red Hat in the virtualization space.  (this example is a bit dated)



You can download a PDF on a sample Symantec/RHEV confguration using the following form


RHEV 3.1 allows for live snapshots of VMs. You need to keep in mind that a snapshot is not backup, and doesn't cancen the requirement for proper backups.