Some RHEL Help with JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition

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I am trying to get the RHEL 6 Workstation edition up and running on a test system. It's my understanding that with the JBoss Developer Studio Portfolio Edition that there is one license for a RHEL workstation however, when I try to register the machine I get an error saying invalid username and password.


I am at a loss here, it's been a rather painful feat to get the proper downloads and things running and I am hoping there's an easy fix with this.




Hi Steve


I'll try and get one of my colleagues from the Platform Support to weigh in with their thoughts, we may ask you to raise a case with us so we can get some more information on what may be wrong with the environment. 


I would like to ask first that you follow the instructions in [1] and provide us with the output once you have done so (if this contains sensitive information, such as your username and password, then please go ahead and raise a support case and attach the output to the case. Let us know the case number here so I can see the case). This will hopefully give us some more information.








I have submitted a case, the number is 00676622. I followed the link, but that has no meaning to me. I don't understand what a channel is, what channel I need to be subscribed to, or why the default registration tools don’t work.


I understand that I may not exactly be the target audience for this, but all I need is a RHEL environment and the JBoss tools and this appears to be a rather arduous task.

Hi Steve,


I see the case, thanks. I'm going to go ahead and let my colleagues in Platform System Management deal with this and get back to you via the case as they know best about these issues.