Anyone else having issues saving a table in your group documents?

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I've tried creating a table in all current content types (Discussion, Collaborative Document and Annoucement).  When I create a table in the editor it looks great.  If I save/preview the document, there is no table but the content of the table is lined up cell by cell right next to eachother like regular text.  The interesting part is when I go back into the editor, my table hasn't been trashed, it's still there looking as good as before I saved.  So it seems like the content of the document is being saved properly but the accompanying page rendering isn't honoring the table html.  Anybody else having issues with this?  Is this on anyone's fix list?






Here is some table
data as an example
of what I'm talking about


Hey Dan,

Thanks for letting us know! We're aware of this issue and are looking into a fix for a future release.