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Dear all,


I am facing a problem while Implementing a DHCP server with multiple VLAN.


My DHCP server is ok. It is serving IP according to the VLAN. For example If any pc from port vlan 10, that pc is getting 10 series IP and another one from port VLAN 20 is getting 20 series IP. But, my scenario is,


I have a VLAN 80 which is for external users. If they connect via wifi, they will get 80 series IP but they are not getting any IP from VLAN 80 until I am not bindinh MAC. DHCP is not serving IP for that VLAN 80.


I would like to mention that MAC is binding for VLAN 10 and 20 but for VLAN 80 no MAC will be bind. VLAN 80 users will be treated a untrusted users.


Hope you understand the scenario.




Hi Shyfur,

I'm looking over some of our older unanswered discussions. Did you ever resolve this issue? I emailed you about this issue at the time you posted the topic, but didn't receive a response. I'd like to be able to answer this if possible so that anyone encountering a similar problem in future will find a useful resource here.