Attach ISO share to 2nd datacenter

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We are running RHEV over 2 datacenters, we would like to attach the ISO share to the 2nd datacenter rather than have 2 shares (connectivity between sites is very good). However we are getting the following error:


"Create Operation failed. Domain ISOS already exists in the system"


Do we need a unique export path for each datacenter or a completely independant ISO share ?   Has anyone had any success with this ?


Many Thanks




FYI - worked this one out - my bad - probably a case of RTFM.


Just for others - to connect the iso / exports shares to other datacenters, use the storage area in rhevm and attach / map then activate, don't do as I tried and try to connect them individually.



ISO domains, can be attached to multiple Data Centers, simply go to every Data Center's storage subtab, and "Attach ISO".