Radware Alteon VA Installation on KVM

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Hello i'm installing an Alteon VA on a kvm platform :

- AlteonVA-

- Red Hat RHEV 6.2

- RHEV 3.0


I'm asked to "enter the root password for the remote host".

The remote host is an RHEV Hypervisor.


Issue :

In the new version of RHEV, the root password is not set and cannot be.





- Red_Hat_Enterprise_Virtualization-3.0-Hypervisor_Deployment_Guide-en-US.pdf

- p 35 : Important :

— Setting the root Password is not Supported

Important — Setting the root Password is not Supported
The root password is not set by default and is not supported unless enabled at the request of
Red Hat support.


So the installation is impossible with the install script.


Is there an other way to install Alteon VA ?


Can you help me please ?




Regards Pierre Saminadin


I found the solution.

in fact the installation was to perform locally on the manager and not on the hypervisor

so i didn't need root password on hypervisors


but now i'm facing an other issue :