RHEL 6.x on IBM x3550 M3, how does it come there is so little documentation and..

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the system does not install easily?


Problem fields:

- UEFI boot & RAID configuration

- Networking configuration

- X Server config (missing xorg.conf)

- Running firstboot because it has not run before

- etc.


UEFI: you must choose to boot in Legacy mode (upto RHEL 6.2)


The X Server needs to be yummed separately: yum groupinstall "X Window System". Don't ask me why (I did choose to install the Desktop Platform on this machine).

Hello Marky,

Sorry to hear you are having issues installing.  I have that exact machine and it installs/performs flawlessly.  I have installed RHEL numerous times (I use it as a Lab system).  I find the UEFI on this hardware somewhat obscure and I wonder if we possibly have different settings which would make the machine behave differently.  Also - did your system previously have another OS installed (i.e. Windows)?  I have, in the past, booted using Knoppix and run Gparted on the RAID drives I have setup (I had issues switching between ESXi and RHEL, for whatever reason).


RHEL is absolutely supported on this hardware platform



At times I find IBM documentation amazing.  The documentation they have provided regarding RHEL on the x3550 is faily vague though.

I believe firstboot only works when the machine has an operational display and desktop.

You may want to look at the output from

# yum grouplist

and review the "Installed Groups:"


There are a number of logs you can review also


Great response, James. Have a vote. :)



I've recently had two cases with customers where the hardware was slightly different ( IBM X3250 M4) but the results were the same. In order to boot the system with a RAID controller card enabled, the system had to be booted in Legacy mode. This only affected how the 64bit iso was handled, and strangely the 32bit iso would work normally.


I suspect that you may be running into a similar issue. The documentation that I tried to find with regard to IBMs support for RHEL with RAID controller support in UEFI mode unfortunately left me at a bit of a loss too. 


Legacy was needed if the controller was RAID. If set to AHCI there were no difficulties installating. I did end up writing a knowledgebase article from our side for this specific hardware:


"IBM x3250 M4 Systems fail to see RHEL x86_64 dvd.iso"



If this matches a portion of what you're describing, feel free to open a case and have the engineer notify me. If the symtopms match the above we can revise the article to include your hardware model as well.

M4 systems should use rhel >= 6.3