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We are implementing JBoss SOA-P and want to get governance right from the start. I see that Overlord is available to the community edition of JBoss ESB. Is there an enterprise edition equivalent or can anyone recommend a good open source governance platform so we don't need to buy something like softwareAG Centrasite.


Hello Brandon,


This is a good question, governance is important.


To directly answer, no there is not an enterprise equivalent of Overlord.  JBoss is currently building a governance solution based on Guvnor (which is currently productized into the BRMS product).  This solution will be backed by JCR and should have many inherent good features (like versioning) from the start.


Timeframes are not yet final, but I would imagine the new SOA governance solution will surface as a component of SOA-P 6, not SOA-P 5.   So for the time being, you can entertain almost any governance solution you can find (i.e. Google brings a few, but in truth I think many of these will be dead products).  A few of the more common choices (at least academically) are Galaxy and WSO2's product, but these might not be easy to implement and might not be the most up-to-date.  I think it's not uncommon for plain old LDAP to be used for this purpose at times, and even spreadsheets if you don't need much automation.


So.... in the near future we'll have something good for you to use.  Meanwhile, you'll have to make-do with something less than fully integrated.  Good luck, and please watch for all the good stuff in SOA-P 6.


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Check with your sales rep and share the use case with his/her SA.  We have an Open Shift Reference Architecture titled:  Enterprise PaaS of ITOps that may interest you. 


In it, Scott Collier (RHCA) mentions the use of JON for run-time SOA governance.


With JBoss Operations Network (JON), you can:

  • Inventory resources from the operating system to applications and services
  • Control and audit your ESB, application, and service configurations to standardize deployments
  • Manage, monitor, and tune your applications and services for improved visibility, performance, and availability
  • Coordinate the SDLC