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Good afternoon all;


Looking for the location of channel content iso's.  Having a bit of a struggle matching the documentation to the redhat site.   Please note the following from the satellite documentation:


Channel Content ISOs are special collections that contain both packages and XML dumps of
metadata. The ISO images can be downloaded from the RHN website on a machine connected to the
Internet and then transferred to the Satellite. After logging in, click Channels in the top navigation bar.
Then, click on the RHN Satellite channel, making sure to select the Satellite channel that corresponds
to your version of Satellite. Click the Downloads tab and use the instructions on the page to obtain
the Channel Content ISOs, available by version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If the desired Channel
Content ISOs do not appear, ensure your RHN Entitlement Certificate has been uploaded to RHN and
correctly identifies the target channels.



Would appreciate if someone could provide a link for channel content iso's.



Thank you for your time and help




I think I've found them, Norm. From, I clicked Channels. Extra step: click "View all software channels." Extra step: in the "Filter by Product Channel" comboboxes, the first one defaults to "Red Hat Enterprise Linux." Change to "Red Hat Network products," and click Filter. At this point I got two channels, RHEL Server 6 and RHEL Server 5, each with a plus-sign left of it, indicating that there are child channels. Clicking the plus on the left of RHEL Server 6, I saw "Red Hat Network Satellite (RHEL6) 5.4." Then I clicked on the x86_64 to the right. Now there is a Downloads tab, as the documentation says; at the bottom of the resulting page are "View Base Channel Content ISOs for Satellite" and "View Incremental Channel Content ISOs for Satellite."