Reasonable Licensing for Virtualised Environments

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Wouldn't it be great for the JBoss licensing to charge me per core that I'm ACTUALLY running on rather than the total number of cores I've got in my virtual farm?


Am I missing something?




Hi Duncan


Unfortunately the Sales Team who can answer this question don't regularly monitor these forums. I'm going to reach out to them and see if they can provide an answer on here. Otherwise please feel free to contact them directly via our website:




Hi Duncan,


JBoss Enterprise Middleware licensing is sold by physical or virtual core, but only in bands of 16 or 64. 


Example: if you purchase the minimum 16 core subscription for JBoss EAP, but your JBoss server is only running four virtual cores in Prod, then you have 12 virtual cores remaining to distribute amonst addition virtual machines. 


Likewise, the remaining virtual cores could be used for your Test, QA, or DR environments.