RHEV-Manager reports "A new RHEV-Hypervisor version is available......" even when its up to date

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I've noticed that RHEV-M reports under "Action Items" for a hypervisor that "A new RHEV-Hypervisor version is available, an upgrade option will appear once the host is moved to maintenance mode."


This is reported even if the hypervisor is up to date.

In an attempt to clear this message, I've updates the hypervisor as it suggested but it continues to report the same.


I have opened a support ticket via RHN but wondered if anyone else has experience the same problem?






Yes, we also get this message, and the support center has confirmed that this is just a bug, which are to be fixed.



Hi, I'm Allan. I'll be assisting you with this. This is a known issue with an open bug (784042).

To work around this, refer to https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/solutions/105963.



Allan Voss,


RHCVA Technical Support Engineer Red Hat, Inc.